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Practice Areas

  1. Estate Planning and Probate
  2. Litigation
  3. Real Estate
  4. Real Estate Finance
  5. Real Estate Litigation

Estate Planning and Probate

Personal and confidential service to a diverse range of net worth clients and their families is a longstanding and successful tradition at Noto & Noto PLLC. We focus only on consulting and litigating in this area. This rapidly developing field of law requires a close, longstanding relationship between the client and his or her attorney. Noto & Noto PLLC is committed to continuing to serve this need, as we have for generations, and to apply the same creative problem-solving skills and client focus we use throughout our practice.



We are trial lawyers. We regard litigation as a business strategy and as an investment decision for our clients. We believe in aggressive case management, including early case assessment, client connectivity and ready use of cost-saving discovery and trial technology.
Those are the four pillars on which the Noto & Noto PLLC Litigation Department is built. They enable us to advance our clients’ success by delivering lean, value-driven representation in lawsuits, arbitrations, government investigations and administrative proceedings.



Clients’ ability to achieve their objectives in litigation – a favorable settlement or a trial win – are enhanced by counsel who are known for taking cases to trial. We are proven trial attorneys. Our lawsuit planning always includes conservation of client funds and executive time for trial – when it counts. Proceeding to trial is not always the wisest course, but when it is, our clients are represented by trial veterans.


Business and Investment Decision

For our clients, filing and defending litigation is, foremost, a business strategy and a decision about investment of resources – fees, management attention, executive time and client prestige. We build case strategy and staffing around the client’s objectives and investment parameters for the case.


Aggressive Case Management

Lawsuits, investigations and other dispute proceedings require continual attention to efficient, effective use of resources. Our Litigation practice regularly incorporates best practices from clients, our own experience and other firms to improve our skills and execution in early case assessment methodologies, our management of discovery and motions practice and use of litigation technology.


Real Estate

Noto & Noto PLLC has a strong real estate practice in New York City.  We advise clients on the purchase and sale of real property in every market. Real estate law has been a mainstay of our firm since we opened for business. 
We represent financial institutions, individuals, corporations, LLC’s and non-for-profit organizations. We cover all areas of real estate finance, sales and acquisitions, leasing, joint ventures, partnerships and limited liability companies as well as restructuring of real estate portfolios.


Real Estate Finance

Noto & Noto PLLC real estate finance lawyers represent both lenders and borrowers in financings including residential loans and conventional commercial loan transactions.  We are highly skilled at real property lending, whether first mortgage or mezzanine, secured by a wide variety of real estate, including apartments, office buildings, low income housing, retail developments, single family subdivisions, industrial, resorts and hotels.
Whether real estate occupies a large or small percentage of the total investment portfolio, or comprises short or long-term debt, we advise clients on how well their real estate strategy supports their business objectives.
The lawyers in Noto & Noto PLLC’s real estate practice have amassed the finance experience and industry knowledge to represent clients in every type of financing structure including:

  • Large loans
  • CMBS and Conduits
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Credit facilities
  • Preferred equity
  • A/B note structures
  • Workouts and portfolio financing
  • Repos and warehousing
  • Structured finance
  • Construction loans
  • Project finance


Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation and related remedies is a core component of Noto & Noto PLLC’s real estate practice. Our attorneys practicing in this area are knowledgeable about dispute resolution at every level, whether the manner of resolution is mediation, arbitration or traditional litigation, and they work closely with our transactional real estate lawyers in seeking to avoid litigation. When necessary, we litigate for clients in all aspects of the industry – lenders, developers, brokers – in all phases of the real estate business cycle. We have handled – and tried to conclusion –real estate related disputes of the last 25+ years. From disputes concerning buyers and sellers of real estate, issues of easement rights and participants within the ownership group.  We are familiar with the issues involved in seeking beneficial remedies that best meet the needs of our clients.

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